I wanted something different than all the music sites I have seen (and used) over the years. So…I made it!

We have simply created a place for those who like to discover new music, and the artists who created it to interact! We review music and then post it, for the world to listen.

The cost to listen to their music is nothing, nada, zilch, zero, in other words it’s free.  There are no sign-ins or memberships required from the listener. All we want to know about you is what you think of the music from the artists!

The cost for an artist to be reviewed on our site is dirt cheap. Ridiculously cheap to be honest. We are not trying to get rich from an artist’s hard work.  We simply want to keep the music rolling and the site up and running.

Listeners: Rate the music and comment on it. If you hear something you like, share it with your friends!

Artists: If you have people who want to hear your music, send them here! Most of all, interact with the your listeners comments. Let them know you appreciate them listening to your music. Share this site, enjoy this site, and have fun!


This site is not promising stardom to anyone. We don’t distribute music, we don’t broadcast music on radio or TV stations. We are not going to get a record deal for anyone or sell your song to a movie soundtrack! We don’t have any ulterior motives for what we do.

~Jeff Cosco

Please comment here! If you followed a shared post from a social media site, please don't comment at the shared location. We won't see it! Constructive criticism or comments are encouraged. No music on this site sucks, so don't go there. Slams will get slammed back! Thank you.

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